A Dominican Tourism Influencer Visits Haiti And He wants to Come Back With Others

Bassin Clair or Bassin Bleu, Jacmel - Haiti: the most impressive places I've seen in all my travels, including countries like Thailand, Vietnam

It’s Time to Meet Curacao

It is time to meet curacao: Located in the southern portion of the Caribbean, below the Hurricane belt, to the east of Aruba, and a mere 40 miles north of Venezuela lies Curacao.

A Conversation With Mikel Freemon From Airbnb

This week Mikel Freemon from Airbnb has been confirmed as one of the speakers for the first edition of Tourism Innovation Summit in Cap-Haitien, November 2018. Freemon  is Territory Manager for Latin America at Airbnb, where she oversees strategy and execution of the...

Two Young Entrepreneurs are Transforming Slums into Tourist Attractions in Haiti

http://davidsontoussaint.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/video-1509307403.mp4 Transforming slum into Tourist attractions and Entrepreneurship Hub, the vision of two young entrepreneurs in Haiti, who are using their expertise in urban development to create a significant impact in...