A Dominican Tourism Influencer Visits Haiti And He wants to Come Back With Others

Bassin Clair or Bassin Bleu, Jacmel - Haiti: the most impressive places I've seen in all my travels, including countries like Thailand, Vietnam

A Conversation With Mikel Freemon From Airbnb

This week Mikel Freemon from Airbnb has been confirmed as one of the speakers for the first edition of Tourism Innovation Summit in Cap-Haitien, November 2018. Freemon  is Territory Manager for Latin America at Airbnb, where she oversees strategy and execution of the...

5 places to visit in Cap-Haitien

Cap-Haitien is Haiti second largest city, with the most beautiful sites in the entire country. The city is the Historic Capital of Haiti

Why Young African Americans Should Travel to Haiti

Haiti for an extended period is known for its political instabilities, poverty you name it, the country become the hub of international NGOs after the earthquake that happened in 2010, and seven years later people have the difficulty to talk about Haiti without associating it...

Tourism Startups Success: Sandy Laborde is Building a Tourism Business Empire

This week, Tourism Startups Success met Sandy in Orlando and she told us about her commitment to the Haitian community and her travel business. she answered the following. 1- You are a TV host, you do tours in Haiti, and now you are part of Sunrise team, what else do you do...

Cap-Haitien, The City: New Tourists Destination

Haiti second largest city, Cap-Haitien is ready to put in motion a plan that attracts 1.5 million tourists by 2022. An initiative started by the CEO and Founder of Haiti Tourism Inc. Davidson Toussaint, a company dedicated to promoting a better investment environment, and...

Sunrise First Flight to Orlando

Sunrise Airways is rising to meet the progressively expanding demand for safe, reliable, and affordable air travel to and throughout the Caribbean.