Duration: 3 days
Location: Haiti
Price: $380
Experience Haiti with Atlas fromt the Dominican Republic

Santiago Cap-Haitien 20 Oct 2018 10:00 20:40
Cap-Haitien Santiago 22 Oct 2018 22:10 08:50

Cap-Haitien: The port city on the north coast of Haiti. the city known for its French colonial architecture. Facing the Place de la Cathédrale is the landmark early-20th-century Notre-Dame Cathedral. Northwest of the city, beaches include sandy Cormier. South, Laferrière Citadel is a hilltop fortress built by revolutionary leader Henri Christophe. The ruins of his 1813 Sans-Souci Palace are in the nearby town of Milot.


  • The City will be 350 years old in 2020.

  • The City is the Historic Capital of the Caribbean.

  • They have the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean

  • Home of the Greatest Heroes of the Haitian history.

  • Haiti second Largest City.

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