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For the Past seven years, I have been leading the development and practical implementation of Haiti Tourism Communications Strategy and Haiti Tourism Strategic Marketing Plan. This  includes design, development and implementation of campaigns

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In the same period of time, I have worked with a team to ensure consistency in positioning of the Haiti brand throughout community and industry in different countries, including Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United States.

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Our team lead program to grow local businesses in the local and region economy; we assist in implementation and education support services for local tourism operators, and encourage tourism startups accelerator though programs like Tourism Startsups success across the Caribbean region

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Tourism Startups Success

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Be inspired by the stories of those who made it though the industry and become leaders and influencers

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Think we make a good match? We’d love to hear from you!

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Five Fun Things You Can do While in Cap-Haitien This Summer

Cap-Haitien is getting ready to celebrate its 350 anniversary next year; yet, like every summer the city will be receiving thousands of visitors, local and international tourists. This year, the summer will be distinct as the city will be hosting the first annual Tourism Innovation Summit, the largest tourism event in Haiti and one of the largest in the whole Caribbean. You will be able to enjoy several activities offered by local businesses and directly invest in the local economy. If you are traveling to Haiti through Port-au-Prince, you should know that Cap-Haitien is only 30 minutes away, and Sunrise Airways makes it even more comfortable with a daily flight from the Capital. Now let’s go over the list of the five fun things we think you should do while you are in Cap-Haitien. Visit Amiga Islandpicture by Ryan Bowen PhotographyA boat ride to Amiga Island, this is a unique island in Cap-Haitien, designed to welcome travelers from around the world. Thousands have visited every year, and they call it the magic place of Cap-Haitien. There are several companies that offer their services to the Island including “ddd” with Stephane, but you can also use the local Boat, you should see them once you arrive at the Labadee Station.  Happy-Hours at Le Mont JoliLe Mont Joli HotelLe Mont Joli is a historic hotel in the heart of Cap-Haitien, with a view of the sea and the city. They recently started this activity where you can go, enjoy a good Haitian-troubadour while enjoying local beers like Prestige and great local food with the special hotel chef. You may want to connect with them via their facebook page to plan accordingly.Jogging to Rivalpicture by Jogging-EnvironmentBe part of the local tradition, during the summer Capoise enjoy running, and a place like the Boulevard makes it amazingly interesting to do so. Rue 5 Boulevard, is where they usually start, and everything stops at Rival with a view on the beach. A pleasant ambiance, if you did not experience it before, this summer is probably the best time to do so.Visit Sans Souci and CitadelleSans SouciMany believe this is a unique experience in the whole Caribbean; no other countries in the Caribbean can claim such historical and majestic sites. Built in the 18th century, Citadelle  and Sans Souci were the homes of the only Caribbean Emperor and King, Henri the 1st, also known as Henri Christophe.  Visit Cathédrale Notre Dame de Cap-Haïtiencap-haitien-cathedralA typical colonial style cathedral standing tall over a cobblestone square. Inside, an almost all-white interior enhances the sense of spaciousness with tall white arches supporting the high dome-shaped ceiling. Two side naves accompany a central nave where wooden pews lead down toward a central altar. If the church is closed, try hiring a guide to gain inside access. 

5 Things That Make Haiti a Top Historical Place in The Caribbean

A History of FreedomHistoric Monument in Vertiere Cap-Haitien, where the last battle happened between Haiti and FranceYou probably knew that Haiti was the first independent black Republic in the Americas, which was achieved in 1805 by defeating the French colonists and the great general Napoleon. However, what you did not know was that Haiti made it its mission to fight for other countries that were being colonized in the region. Haitians have helped the United States, Venezuela, and many other Latin countries gain their independence. Beautiful and stunning BeachesPicture by Conrade SchuttHaiti has impacted the tourism industry in the early 1950s, our tourism product was widely known not only for our fantastic culture but as well for miles of breathtaking beaches and crystal waters. We still receive almost 1 million tourists every year in Labadee Area in the northern side of Haiti; Cap-Haitien, named after Marquis de La Badie, a Frenchman who first settled the area in the 17th century. The spelling was changed to “Labadee” to make it easier for English-speakers to pronounce. Europeans first saw the Barbecue in Haiti about 500 years agoIf you live in the United States, there’s a high percentage that you have heard about Barbecue before, July 4th, most of the American population cook their barbecue and get a few beers for a unique celebration. However, one of the interesting facts is that Europeans first saw barbecue in Haiti for about 500 years ago. When Columbus arrived in the Caribbean in 1492, he “discovered” the Taino Native Americans cooking fish and wild game hung on a wooden structure over coals. The Taino word for the wooden structure sounded to the explorers like barbacoa. Read more here There is a Hotel in Haiti with Rooms Named after Celebrity Guests“The Hotel Oloffson Is a Haitian Hideaway for Celebs and Adventuresome Tourists” a title from a December 01, 1980’s Article in People Magazine. Barbara Walters spent the night in Sir John Gielgud’s suite, Ali MacGraw and Peter Weller slept in Anne Bancroft’s room, and Betty Friedan bunked in Marlon Brando’s cottage. Amazing Celebrities,  big names in the ’70s and they all visited Haiti and made Haiti the retreat destination. The Largest Mountaintop FortressIt is not news that Haiti has the most mountains of any other Caribbean nation, but also the most massive mountaintop fortress known as Citadelle. Built in the 19th Century, In Haiti, the Citadelle is known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, and in 1982 it was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This massive stone construction is the largest fortress in the Americas. Built to demonstrate the power of the newly independent Haiti, the Citadelle Laferrière was essential for the security of Haiti’s newly formed state.  This massive stone construction was outfitted with 365 cannons of varying size and an enormous stockpile of cannon balls that still can be found in different corners of the Citadelle even today. The cannons were obtained from different monarchs. Today the iron and bronze cannons are still pointing out of the Citadelle’s windows, and the visitors of the Citadelle can still see the royal crests of famous European monarchs of the 18th century on the cannons.

How Haiti Jazz festival is Contributing to World Stage Music

News from Haiti is often about natural disasters and political crises, but the island nation is also home to a burgeoning arts scene. One of the biggest events recently held there was the Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival…