Anlis Rodriguez Experience Haiti

This is the Haiti you've probably never seen! You probably have only seen or heard of the negative. I hope this vlog gives you some insight into the beauty of Haiti.

Curacao Tells Haiti Story

An imposing place came together beautifully on our post-production. A small scene of what to expect this Wednesday at 9:15pm on Direct Media Curaçao

Why you should Spend this December in Curacao

Temperatures cool down on Curaçao in December. With highs in the mid-80s, and lows dipping into the 70s, vacationers can enjoy cooler evenings as well as warm days.

My Favorite Haitian Foods

Doumbrey, my grandmother used to make this for me, and whenever I get it, I can't think of anything else but her cooking.

Time to Make A Real Touristic Product Out of Tap-Tap

Imagine one night of celebration with friends and family, and some might prefer not to go clubbing, and still want to spend a quality time with loved ones.

How to Spend An Amazing Week in Haiti

Have you never been to a place where you instantly connect with the environment, the people, the food, and the culture?

A Popular TV Show in Curacao Will Feature Haiti This Weekend – Boarding Pass Trvls

HAITI! Your perception about this country isn't probably very positive. Our families told us "Be careful, please!" But our mission for this wonderful adventure is to show you its magic in 10 short days. Follow us through our ups and downs!

My Haiti Travel Hacks

Only a few people know Haiti for all its high potentials, from Mountains views to clear crystal beaches with white sands, and you better believe it is one of the safest countries not just in the Caribbean, but throughout all the Americas according to UNODC.

You can Now book your Sunrise Flight in Tampa

Starting this November, the Haitian community can call or email to make their reservation. “We are pleased to serve the Tampa community, and we are looking forward to working closely with community leaders to help Sunrise serve as many customers possible,” said Davidson...

Diner en Blanc was Magic

It becomes a tradition, Haitian and foreign tourists travel every year to attend Diner en Blanc in Haiti. This year was probably not an exception; the celebration took place at the historic site "Parc Historique Canne à Sucre," with the support of Haiti Minister of Tourism and...