Cap-Haitian and Puerto Plata Join Forces to Boost Tourism

A meeting that has been delayed by the Hurricane Irma finally takes place in Puerto Plata this weekend where several people from the Cap-Haitien private sector meets with some key players in the Dominican Tourism sector in Puerto Plata to discuss future collaboration between the two cities. The initiative is being led by Steve and Rosa respectively Haitian and Dominican, and coordinated by Fanny from the Cap-Haitian tourism Association, who believe the grown of tourism in the region will start by real collaboration.

The event started with a presentation of Mrs. Rosa Maria Garcia Acra, from CCDH, follow with a display of videos and images of Haiti by Conrad Schutt from Malfini. The Ministers of Tourism from Both countries were invited; unfortunately, the Haiti Minister Tourism office could not make it, no reason has been given so far.

The event continues with the intervention of the Hotel Association’s Director, Roberto Casoni, and exchanges between the public and several travel agencies, willing to design unique packages with the tourism products of the two countries. Participant feel hopeful, and they see the move as the beginning of a great collaboration between the two cities; “I would like to thank Steve and Rosa Maria for making the first step and bringing life to an idea. I truly believe that the first steps have been taken to a multi-destination to be a reality. Looking forward to seeing what this will bring. I’m Leaving Puerto Plata today with a great feeling of optimism.” Conrad said

Several propositions are on the table, Business people from both countries are willing to work together to help change the perception about DR and Haiti. The real question is: will the DR and Haiti government will follow up and support this initiative? Regardless, this can be a win-win situation and the beginning of something unique to help boost the economy of both countries in the region.


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  1. Samuel Colin Reply

    C’est une grosse connerie de croire que la république Dominicaine pourrait nous aider à développer le tourisme.
    C’est très enfantine une telle stratégie.
    Au lieu de réfléchir à fond sur les vrais blocages du secteur pour en apporter de solutions durables tels par exemple une vraie asise sur le tourisme en Haiti, on prend des gens pour renforcer la confusion théorique qui ronge le pays.

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