The Dominican Minister of Tourism Keeps an Open Mind

Billions dollar industry in the Caribbean, the tourism industry represents a high percentage of some Caribbean countries’ GDP Gross Domestic Product. The Dominican Republic is leading the way by making over $13 million a day in tourism products. Six million tourists visit the country every year, the country Minister of tourism wants to attract 10 million tourists by 2020. What makes DR so successful? And what the Haitian government can learn from this emerging country?

On October 9, the Minister publicly invites two young Dominican Tourism influencers to join him and his team to the largest tourism trade Show in Europe that will take place in Madrid this year. William Ramos and Alejandra Jil are two young Dominicans, in the travel business in the DR, they both visited Haiti last year, and they have a package that offers a weekend excursion in Haiti. However, they also design package for locals in the DR allow them to experience the less visited places in this country.

During a new edition of the “founders” that took place in the auditorium of “Pyhex Work,” a co-working place in Santo Domingo, the two had a chance to pitch their idea in front of a public of 200 other young people and the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Francis Javier, Garcia. We are convinced that their ideas will ease the work of the Minister and he understands that. What if we have something like that in Haiti? Many young people are willing to contribute to the development of tourism in Haiti, but the professional environment seems like it is not ready for them. The moved of the Minister of Tourism explains why the DR is leading when it comes to tourism development.

The DR Minister of Tourism mentioned that he had a meeting with Jessy Menos three weeks ago here in DR, and offered the expertise of his team, to collaborate and make a knowledge exchange with Haitian professionals in tourism. However, He says he was disappointed that she still hasn’t got back to him about that. Mr. Francis agrees that the development of tourism in Haiti, will be a plus to complement the tourism in DR. Will Haiti take advantage of that? Nothing is certain; nevertheless, we still believe there’s a lot we can learn from countries like the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Region and we hope that the Haiti Minister of Tourism Mrs. Menos, will put some time aside to follow up with the DR Minister of Tourism. William and Alejandra are invited to join us next year at the Tourism Innovation event in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

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