Tampa Tourism Leaders Are Attracting More Investments in The Sector

Tampa is the home of Haiti Tourism Inc. Headquarter, a place where many young entrepreneurs call home. This week a group of millennials launch Make it Tampa Bay a tourism campaign focus on bringing more investments in the city. The campaign highlight the success of some young entrepreneurs like Roberto Torres who stated “The growth Tampa has experienced in the last ten years is influential in the growth of our businesses. We align our values with those of the new Tampa Bay. I say ‘new’ because it is now full of millennials. I like to say that innovative industries have the opportunity to thrive in Tampa.” during an interview with the giant Tampa Bay Time

The campaign is going viral, and many see it as a new tool to attract tourists and investment in the Bay area.  Forbes Magazine has recognized the city as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, where many people young people are moving.  According to Tampa Bay Time, the marketing plan is to piggyback a business and millennial recruitment message on top of well established tourism promotions in such cities as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas. Corrada credits the county’s Tourism Development Council for recognizing the potential to leverage Tampa Bay’s strong tourism marketing efforts as a tool to also emphasize corporate relocations

Click here to visit their website, and learn the steps to take to bring your business to Tampa and Enjoy one of the videos


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