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Carlo is a native of Port-au-Prince, who identifies himself more with the countryside of Haiti. Having had the opportunity to work with the giants of the Tourism Industry, and traveled to more than 20 countries for business or pleasure (or both: “leisure”), he is passionate about traveling and learning from different cultures. Young professional in Marketing and tourism, Carlo has an inquisitive mind; always looking for the opportunity to sharpen his knowledge on matters he is passionate about. From Sales Manager for Microsoft to Market Manager for, he can combine his interpersonal skills with his expertise in Sales and Marketing to build great partnerships.

His passion for the Hospitality and Tourism industry has taken him to participate several nation-branding projects for destinations like Barbados, Sint Maarten / Saint Martin and Anguilla through their respective Tourism boards. He has also worked with the leading Thailand-based sustainable tourism agency: “Local Alike,” on their marketing and branding strategies, after winning the startup Booster program early this year.

Our team had the opportunity to seat with Carlo this week, and he was open to answers the following questions.


1- Can you please tell us about your background? 

I am a professional in Sales and Marketing, with a high passion for Hospitality and Tourism and everything that happens in the industry. I have previously assisted with several nation-branding projects for destinations like Barbados, Sint Maarten / Saint Martin and Anguilla through their respective tourism boards.

2- You work for one of the most important travel agencies in the world: How is your experience working with them?

Working for is indeed a privilege for me, to learn first-hand from the top influencers and drivers of the Tourism Industry. It is a very fast-paced environment where each second of our work has a significant impact on how people travel, and being able to have the support of multi-cultural colleagues from 200+ offices around the world makes it even more enjoyable.

3- How your everyday work looks like?

For the work I do, the place I work from is what matters the least. So whether I am on the phone or video conference with a travel partner, at a hotel, on the beach, at a restaurant or on the road working on expanding partnerships, the ultimate purpose of my work serves to empower people to experience the world and help travel partners maximize their revenue. Each day of my job is different and brings different sets of challenges and opportunities since I happen to work in the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world: The Caribbean and Latin America.

4- What kind of contribution you want to make to the tourism industry?

I aim to help tourism authorities, governments, and destination managers to brand and better packager their destinations as sustainable products, which will in return have a positive impact in their economy. I also intend to help people see the world differently, by promoting the positive sides of the beautiful world we live in; via my travel blog: Le Jetsetter.

5- Advice for young people who want to get involved in the industry; either as professional or businessman?

The Tourism industry is very vast and growing rapidly. So if someone wants to get involved and make an impact, it is fundamental to choose the element(s) you want to start with and look for ways to acquire learnings and experiences. For entrepreneurs wishing to enter the industry, they should not follow the crowd and do the same things; there are plenty of rooms for innovation.

Carlo in Amsterdam during his visit to the headquarter of

Carlo with the current Haiti Minister of Tourism and the General Director


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