Cap-Haitien 2025 Economic Revolution

2025 the process started with the development of an app and a digital system that connects the city hall, hospitals, police stations, insurance companies to every car, truck, motorcycle circulating in the city. The whole idea was about safety, but later Some public spaces are being transformed into parking, and several stations are created for tap tap stops, which facilitates better traffics in the town. Parking is only $0.64 (5 Haitians gourdes), but with more than 30.000 cars parking every day, the city collects $2343 (150.000 ht) a total of $70,312.5 (4.500.000 ht) a month, and $843,750 a year. The money is reinvested in building and maintaining new roads.

The Cityhall partner with the private sector to create new public Markets to relocate people from Rue 3 (public place), and reduce the number of street vendors in the street gradually. All the businesses that agreed to participate get a tax cut for their work in Cap-Haitien community. New roads are built, and the business environment facilitates entrepreneurs to create new businesses. It costs only 1000 ht ($15.6 us) to register your small business (online), and an operating license of 500 HT a year and 48 hours to have all the paperwork ready for your new business. If your new company hire up to 10 new employees, they have a year tax exempt from the local government.

The local budget grows from $300.000 to $ 5 million, every tourist that comes to Labadee pays 12 to get access to the country, the city receives $2/person while the rest goes to Port Au Prince to the central government. 30% of the local budget is dedicated to exclusive school programs locally and internationally to support up to 100 students a year for a 20 years period. They are receiving special education and formation in top universities around the world; in return, they will work for the city for three years with an excellent salary. The Education programs are focus on “Urban development, Tourism, Architecture, Economics, App developments, Information Sciences and Database Management, Special course on trash management etc.)

A great community is a group of small educated people who want a better life for their children, and better living comes with better schools, better hospitals, better housing, in sum a better environment. I just dare to imagine a better Cap-Haitien in 2025 with all Capois involved in the development process.


Construction of New Hotel (Habitation Jouissant)


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